Great Franchise for Millennial

One of the greatest markets or business partners is Millennial. Why is it like that? Let’s discuss it in this article.

Millennial is a generation that was born between 1980-2000ish, or some people call it as Gen-Y. Being able to use Smartphone and Internet fluently is the sign of Millennial.

This ‘generation’ is always wants to be connected with others and it is easy nowadays. With applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Facebook, Instagram or any other similar applications, Millennial can be easily ‘connected’ with others in just ‘one click’.

The sign of become ‘narcissistic ‘or ‘exist’ is also close with Millennial. The feeling of being always stylish, always up to date and shows a bit of ego are undeniable with this generation. It is something ‘usual’ if we see a lot of cosmetics and beauty services all around us. Restaurants or cafes also try to make their place become ‘Instagrammable’, because Millennial tends to always up to date and try to be pioneer in every aspect in social life nowadays.

However, this trend makes Millennial likes to join communities, like travelling and learning community, because the needs of always connected and up to date in everything. With this, learning communities, like public speaking community “toastmaster” is quite popular in Millennial because they wants to ‘show’ something with others.

Now, we have a question here. Is Franchise Business suitable for Millennial? Of course. This is because Millennial is innovative, creative and has great motive to get recognition. Is it cool if you have your own business when you are still 20sh or 30sh? But the problem is, they don’t have enough experiences. That is why a Franchisor (the person who own certain brand) must guide them, so they can run the business. The skills and knowledge about management, marketing, operation, human resource and other things are very crucial to determine whether the business will run or no.

As the conclusion, rather than start from ‘zero’ to ‘hero’ and to ‘zero’ again in making certain own brand, it will be good for Millennial to take the franchise business that is already proven while learning
everything about that business.

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